American Rottweiler vs German Rottweiler vs Serbian Rottweiler

The video is for the lovers of this wonderful breed of dog. It is a succession of beautiful pictures depicting the Rottweiler in the three branches of intersections. The differences are not huge, just change the length of the muzzle and some color but in the end, the character and because of maximum colors and tonnages are very close.

The fact that this beautiful dog is the most loved in the world, if brought up with love can be very sweet but is also an animal to fear because he loves so exaggerated his family and defends to the death. Anyone who had a Rottweiler as a best friend, it remains forever fascinated and will take him in the heart. This dog, however, although very strong and powerful it should be kept in the best possible way, it should be taken care of very well and the power is often brought to walk or do some racing in the land where you can wander and sniff everything around him.

The Rottweiler is one of the most intelligent dogs that we have in the world, truly understands everything but be careful not to bully its nature as a leader because in that case it is manageable, he will have control of everything, so be careful also with regard to its Education. Coexists peacefully with other dogs, as long as he is the leader, so do not ever keep him with other dominant races.
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