Beagle: the destructor dog!

Cute and original short film starring Louie a beagle puppy, wrestling with a giant plush of dog shaped. After an initial moment of confusion and fear in seeing that big object, Louie was half asleep on the comfy sofa in the living room of the House, here's that seems to start a game between the dog and his sidekick.

Louie opens the kitchen door and very tenderly, you fall asleep on. What seems to be a story with a happy ending soon turns in a report critical of madness. The terrible fact, beagle begins to bite and tweak the gift that the hosts had just done. In a slow but inexorable poor stuffed animals begin to feel the weight of attacks by Louie and its cover is torn, leaving out whole House its coating of cotton wool.

Beagles are known for their innate ability to chew or destroy everything into turmoil, leaving their masters. Nothing scares them, nor the size of the object in question or whether it is edible or not, what matters is only whether it is addentabile from their mouth always active. Despite this, the beagle is a very good apartment dog but must be well trained or the treatment that Louie this giant plush reserve may be reserved for other home furnishings: sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, nothing is safe from a beagle bored and left unattended.

However despite the latter, this nice feature negative breed is extremely sweet and good and binds in visceral way to his master, especially likes to play a lot with children.
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