Binary Options - 60 seconds Strategy 2015

In this video, a trader tries to explain in simple terms how to use binary options 60 seconds in order to be successful.
However, before we get in his explanations, let's see what binary options generally are and how we can earn money using this system.

When it comes to binary options, our thoughts go to Forex, the popular market of currency trading online. But binary options are not only on Forex. There are various types of "binary options" that all have a common denominator. As it is also understood by their name, binary options are financial derivatives that traders use to increase their earnings. To explain better, if you want to use this gain method, you have to try to guess the market trend for a given stock at a given time. It does not matter if the stock goes up or down. The only thing that matters is your prediction. If you say that the title will be grown up at the end of the 60 seconds and this really happens, you earn. If, instead of growing, the title comes down, you lose.

Who decides to trade with binary options should know that the gain is limited to a fixed amount, and that this strategy is nothing more than a prediction on the trend of a title. There are also some other types of binary options, according to the time that you decide to assign to your forecast. There are, therefore, short, medium and long-term binary options. In addition to the 60 seconds binary options you can choose the other types called Range (boundary), Call/put (Up/Down), Builder (constructible) and One Touch (called touch/non-touch).
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