Boxer, funny tricks!

Beautiful short movie, in which we can see the performances by a talented brown Boxer, trained by his master.

The video begins with four legs in the room sitting in front of the TV. Shortly after his master calls him to make him run some commands. For first tells him to sit on their hind legs while keeping the chest upright and folded front legs to the chest.

The Boxer is still all the time in that position until his owner says he can not lie. Immediately after the man command "Rolls" and then rewards him with a cookie. Really outstanding is the period in which the man launches into a plush, and the Boxer standing out a leap high grabs him between his teeth.

Then reports the plush to master this time puts her head in a hilarious scene. The lower legs dejected dog, his face in pain because this game doesn't like it, but when the boss asks him to raise them again he does, until he is told that can move.

At this point, Boxer launches with a header the plush to the ground where then goes to pick him up. The video ends with Boxer yawning and tired cowering on the floor. In this movie are evident the agility and the very sweet character that characterize this beautiful breed of dog. The boxer for his quality is very widespread, especially among lovers of dog agility competitions.
Author cimpy
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