Conversation between two cats

Who thinks that cats between them are not able to hold a conversation? This movie will prove to all the doubters that our four-legged friends keep their conversations private. In fact we can see two beautiful cats engaged in an unusual conversation between them that only they can understand.

The footage is spectacular as these two cats are tender, like two sweethearts who speak and you do the pampering, demonstrating how the animals are sensitive and either have their own well-defined character. But this, who has one or more animals in the house, already aware. In fact, cats are often near them with that meow like if you really want to tell us something, it is our limitation that we can not understand what they want to tell us. Often we associate these attitudes to the lack of food in their bowl, but not always the case, sometimes seek our attention to be pampered or to play games, or simply to tell us with a meow that we are not alone and love us.

Obviously it is not easy to understand, but being in contact with them you soon learn to interpret their gestures that they want us to understand what they need, in any case, they are always by our side, ready to give us love at all times and to protect us those who consider dangers, they are dogs, cats or any other animal, their feelings are pure and sincere love towards those who, like these two kittens.
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