Dragon Ball Super Episode 10 Preview HD!

In this short video we can see the Episode 10 Preview of the brand new Dragon Ball Saga: Dragon Ball Super. We left without any words the last episode: Goku became the Super Sayan God and start to talk about him to Beerus, the Destruction's God.
Last episode was, in fact, full of twists: Goku gathers the Dragon Balls together and summons Shenlong. Shenlong quickly explains that the Super Saiyan God is not a person but a legendary transformation that only kindhearted Saiyans can achieve!
The five Saiyans attempt to transform Goku but fail because they didn't have 6 Sayan in total to start the transformation into the legendary Super Sayan God. Beerus decided to preparing his attack to destroy the Earth, 'cause too sick and tired about this situation. But there was an extraordinary last chance: Videl jumps in front of the Saiyans. She says that there is one more Saiyan who might be able to help them. She talked about her and Gohan's unborn child. Everyone is speechless by this important information while Beerus start to lose his patient! The Saiyans and Videl attempt the transformation again and just do it!This scene is one of the best scene ever made in Dragon Ball: the golden cloudy and a specific energy that descends from the sky! In the episode 10 we will see the fight between Goku and Beerus?
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