Dragon Ball Super Episode 9 Preview!

On the 30th August 2015, was broadcasted in Japan the 8th episode of brand new Dragon Ball Saga: Dragon Ball Super. This episode was full of twists. In fact we left 7 episode while Vegeta upgrade his power, trying to fight with Beerus, Destruction's God.

Episode 8 was very incredible: Vegeta charges towards Beerus. But Beerus that was using only a fraction of his power, knocks him out. At this moment Beerus decided to destroy Earth, but, at the same time, he has a sudden idea. He decides to give Earth's inhabitant another chance at saving their planet.

Thinking he is the same as Majin Boo 'cause of his pink skin, Beerus picks Oolong out of the crowd and challenges him to a game of janken: in this way he decide the fate of the Earth, if he destroy or save it. They start this game and draw twice: at the third attemp Beerus wins and proceeds to power up his Earth destroy attack. But is not over: Goku, in fact, went to Earth and spoke about a way to find out about the Super Saiyan God. But this way is too unconsciusness: it consist to asking Shenlong with the powerful of the seven sphere!

This episode left us in the climax of this Saga: Beerus and Goku are ready to fight for destroy/save Earth? This preview tells us that Goku become the Super Saiyan God and fight for his friends!
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