Funny Chihuahua!

In this fun and original movie, can attend a comic scene played by a sweet chihuahua named Pancho and his master. The two are in the waiting room of a veterinarian.

The man while waiting is doing crossword puzzles to pass the time and asks the help of the little dog, sitting in front of him and hear everything that they asked him to find exact definitions.

First of all asks him who is waiting for the Wolf in Grandma's House and the likeable chihuahua says mimicking their little Red Riding Hood, wearing the Red Cape that highlights, in fact, the little girl of the story so that his master smiles and tells him that it was good.

Then he asks who is the hero of "Gotham City", and the sweet chihuahua responds again wearing her dress Batman. Immediately after the man asked to all four legs, who aimed to have a long-lasting flea.

The dog always attentive, curious and tilt your head after looks vegetable dress, but the master makes him understand that you're making a mistake. At the same time opens the door of his surgery the veterinary who is calling them to let them in, and realizing that the animal wears a lab coat doctor makes a facial expression surprised but amused at the same time.

Appear clear from the first scene in this clip extreme exuberance and hyperactivity that characterize this beautiful and small breed dogs. The chihuahua for all these qualities is among the most popular dogs, because it fits very well to live well in a small space.
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