Incredible alien base on the Moon!

A large alien base, almost a city in reality, it would has been identified by some UFO researchers who have no doubt about it. UFO researchers say they found evidence of alien bases on the Moon in images from NASA. Clearly, this is not the first time that occur such episodes. Many are in fact, the strange images from our satellite and in many people are convinced that the NASA “know” and does not want to reveal the truth to the world, as for example, because we were never returned to mission on our satellite.

This time, however, the discovery is different from those images that are defined as “official”, publicly accessible by the software “Google Moon”, a feature of the famous program Google Earth, simply by entering the coordinates.

The head of the video on YouTube and Sandra Elena Andrade, who swears that there are pyramidal structures that NASA is trying to cover all the ways. By entering the coordinates, you can see a darkened area and the contours of the alleged rectangular structures (in photo). If you want to see with your eyes the alleged alien base, you need to enter in the software the following coordinates 28° 10' 30.12 “ N 22° 42' 5.99 “ W.

Here are all the “zones” to make your checks:
28° 20′ 5.22″ N 18° 56′ 9.89″ W;
28° 10′ 14.84″ N 22° 41′ 49.09″ W;
28° 16′ 50.92″ N 20° 41′ 33.44″ W;
28° 17′ 44.40″ N 20° 24′ 45.13″ W;
27° 40′ 16.07 ” N 2° 16′ 24.98″ W.
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