Interesting light formation seems to 'Cloak' over Pacific Ocean

Mysterious “Flash” in the heavens of the Pacific Ocean. It is perhaps of a dimensional Portal Alien?

What makes these images especially fascinating is the way in which the flying objects coming out of the water, thus generating the sprays that they in turn are illuminated by the light emitted by the same. The sighting of this mysterious light, seemingly surreal, was captured by the camera of the Canadian France Hawaii Telescope, the November 17, 2015. In the images can be seen a light structure consisting of several glowing balls that seem to materialize for a few seconds in the sky, and then vanish immediately after above the Pacific Ocean.

The UFO sightings in that part of the ocean appear to have undergone a considerable increase in recent years, as well as an unusual military activity that still continues to be conducted in great secrecy and that may be related to these phenomena apparently inexplicable. The person who has documented this incredible event, and the user of YouTube MrMBB333 which is convinced to have filmed a sort of portal launched alien intentionally in the Pacific Ocean through which you can access to other dimensions.

In 2012 were circulated of entries on a sort of conflict occurred in the Pacific during which the armed forces of the United States in collaboration with the Chinese tried to monitor and restrain an intense UFO activity on that stretch of sea to the point of risking conflict on a global scale against the forces unconventional which occult their bases on the sea floor of the Pacific Ocean.
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