Kawasaki H2R at 385 km/h - Crazy Pilot!

Here is a completely new and stunning video that will leave everyone without words! In fact we are to see the new Kawasaki H2R on a circuit in Japan. This bike try to blink each type of record in terms of top speed! This road racing car has been prepared by the Japanese of TrickStar Racing, one of the carmakers that have committed to participate in the Japanese national championship and to 8 hours. And this time it seems that they are able to really get the most out of this bike, managing to break all existing records and to reach the breakneck speed of 385 km/h!

This challenge was held on Jari circuit (Automobile Japan Research Institute), near the Tsukuba track about 70 km from Tokyo, and the driver who has reached this speed is Ryuji Tsuruta, official Kawasaki rider.

Kawasaki H2R which was presented in 2014 and has now come to version 2016, is powered by a fantastic inline four-cylinder 1000 cc and a turbocharger. The approved version to go "plan" road has 200 horses, but of course there is also the version "track" 326 horses, about fifty more of the MotoGP (which is what you'll see in the video).

The white-green missile managed to beat all the speed and accelerations primates that had been marked by the best riders of MotoGP and Formula 1. For example with his Honda last March in Qatar, Marc Marquez was able to touch 350.5 km/h, while the top speed ever achieved by a F1 car was 372.6 km/h, and the record was marked by Juan Pablo Montoya in Monza in 2005 with one of the silver arrows, the Mercedes powered McLaren.

Now TrickStar Racing is working hard to reach and break through the wall of the 400 km/h!
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