Labrador compilation

In this video you can see a compilation of purebred dogs Labrador playing with some children. The Labrador dogs are very docile and sociable, so they are very popular, especially with children. One of the most beautiful images that you will see in this video, is that of the child surrounded by a litter of Labrador, that stand up on their legs and seek contact with the child, who fearlessly plays with them and caress them.

Another very beautiful image is also that of the dog that plays with a ball with a few months child and that waits for a few minutes, before to throw the ball again, enjoying in this way. The child looks at him surprised and he looks forward to receiving his ball and then restart it to the dog.

And, again, the child who is lying on the floor while the dog caresses him and looks at him as if to reassure him that he is not alone but it's there to protect him. The dog approaches to him, it caresses him with legs, it licks and kisses him with so much love and tenderness. Certainly this is a very nice and tender scene but I don't know how hygienic is to allow our four-legged friends to kiss on the lips of our children.

The love for our four-legged friends goes beyond the health of our children? Is it permissible to let dogs lick children so casually? What do you think about it?
Author lucrezia
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