Nephilim / Anunnaki appears in an old japanese documentary

Giants, Nephilim or Anunnaki Ancient Alien: there are many myths and legends about it, in all places and cultures known to us. Their presence in the various literary texts is varied, for example, we can start from the verses of the Bible or the famous Breton myths such as those of King Arthur, Merlin and Stonehenge that seem to be dealing with these creatures. Sometimes they are magical creatures, and sometimes their descendants of the human race. For some, however, this is not mere myths. Some believe in a distant past and forgotten, at an unknown time in which a race of strapping would trample the earth's surface. In the Old Testament appear the Anakim and Rephaim and who can forget the famous Goliath defeated by David, more than 3 meters high. In Norway, the legend of the giant Ymir, the first living being, from which came the human race. In Mexico some legends speak, that the land of the ancient tribes of Anahuac was inhabited by giants while in the Mayan civilization remind some of monstrous beings called Quinatzin. And yet, in Japan, in Germany, Greece and England the myth of the giants is still very rich in legends. The fact that so many different civilizations also tell each other the existence of these huge creatures have responded many similarities, suggesting that there might be a connection form in common. That, perhaps, in a very short distance, these creatures roamed freely our lands. Now I leave the following video without dwelling too.
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