Old Car Transform Luxury Supercar

The ingenuity of the people who have no economic means to get what they want is infinite, as human potential as yet unknown. Want something very expensive it can be frustrating for those who have the opportunity to have what you want, but there are cases where this desire, after all, come true, how did this man Lithuanian, having an old Mercedes Benz devote to destruction, he decides to turn in the car of his dreams.

This may sound impossible, but after seeing how he did, definitely will want someone else to groped to do the same thing with your old car. From the pictures the work must have been long and difficult, but the results, as seen at the end, are really amazing.

Without using metals, aluminum or steel, but only with polyurethane this man has worked hard and bit by bit, with all the patience and passion required, he has transformed a car virtually from the landfill in an extraordinary luxury car red brand, changing the exterior to shape dynamic that it likes and modifying the interior until a dashboard sports car such as one sees few.

This is not a job that anyone can do it, with a minimum of knowledge in this way many would restore their cars and I challenge anyone to find the differences between the car completed by this man and a luxury car just out of the factory. His work was a true artist.
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