Patchwork & Crochet - Granny Square Blanket

In this video tutorial you will see the realization of a beautiful blanket using the patchwork technique together with the crochet technique.
First of all, make with crochet squares the size you want and with the reason that you like, using more colors as in the technique of patchwork.

Subsequently with a knitting needle, superimpose two squares and start sewing by hand with a point diagonal or possibly chain on a side of your choice. Repeat this process with all the squares you have, always alternating colors.
If necessary, this step can be replaced with a seam made with a sewing machine by setting the selected point.

Finally, with the use of the crochet hook you make a slight edge to your choice, in the YouTuber tutorial uses a technique very easy through the use of double treble. This blanket can also be done using the stitches if you are not practical with the hook, the result will be the same.

The patchwork is a technique much used to make the quilt, which are quilts whose top (upper part) is composed of the artifact patchwork, a flannel (cotton padding or synthetic) and a lower membrane (backing) usually in muslin and a closure made with the binding, which serves to close and decorate the edges of the quilt. The quilt is then decorated with the "stitching" called quilting, which then gives its name to the final product.
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