Plug your dog!?!

It has made headlines afternoon news today that a citizen of Tirana has killed between neighborhood automatic dog race a "Pit Bull" because the latter had bitten infant son. Perhaps due to the absence of other events that may constitute news, but given the fact that the attacks of dogs to people have become an everyday reality in the streets and neighborhoods of cities of the country, the news in question is found in almost all online and audiovisual media again fueling debate about the safety conditions shall take into consideration everyone who wants to keep such an animal at home.

Love for animals, but also fashion boys strong neighborhoods that always accompanied by a "Pit Bull", an example of imposing more TV has added a lot number of this race dangerous dog in the streets and neighborhoods of Tirana and major cities country where owners have neither the minimum idea how to avoid danger to other residents around.

There is a legal obligation for owners of dogs that you place masks whenever out in the streets or parks, but who rarely takes into account the liability causing event like that of today.

Balance is painful: A child bitten by a dog, a father who escaped police after saving his child from the teeth of the "Pit Bull" and owner of the dog also escaped not taking any responsibility for this entire event, to which he has caused.

There is a very simple solution to this case, that we have not invented but the civilized world that has being treated like animals that can be kept inside the house ahead of us: Connect the dogs!
When out lap, set the mask and let the others live in the same amount of space that you use with the dog.
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