Russian ice swimmers play chess in frozen lake

Doing a chess game on the lake ice, is a challenge that not everybody can be realized properly. One such challenge have tried two men in Russia who have put themselves to the test by playing in the icy lake. Before they put into the water and start playing chess they throw buckets of water itself to become familiar with the water, and then they begin game lake. Video is recorded in Shartashit frozen lake, is located near Yekaterinburg.

Dominik Jung, German meteorologist, said the winter will be very strong. December and January in the Balkans will be very cold, and a little warmer February.

According to Jung, it is possible that daily temperatures are minus 10 at night until minus 25 - with heavy snow and blizzard, especially in January. Even the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, which is one of the most famous in the world, claims that in the next days temperatures in the Balkans will be up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Nebojsa Meterologu Subanoviq from "Meteo-Info" Croatia, says that the sharp decline temnperaturave will happen by the end of January, when you follow a lot of snow, and is expected to continue until March. Experts say that these weather conditions are expected to reflect negatively on agricultural yields, and the melting snow which is thought to be from April, may even bring flood water flooding.
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