Terms and Conditions of Use

1.0 - Terms & Conditions

Terms of use
The website URL corresponding to 9caos.com is made available by bePlus SRLs later he called the "property" located in Udine, Italy.

I. General Information

1.User and signing the contract.
1.1 Registration on the website is available for individuals (more than eighteen years of age) or companies accepting in full the present conditions mentioned. To register to 9caos.com you must enter a valid email address and active and enter the required data as "mandatory." They also will maintain their own data updating promptly any incorrect information. The data entered must be truthful, accurate and complete.
1.2 During registration, the user can freely choose a nickname and a password. The user undertakes to keep his password secret and not to allow third parties to use your personal information to access the website.
1.3 The contract will be in place by sending the registration form by the user or the confirmation of the registration by the property.
1.4 All the services offered on the website are free except for performance marked, in clear and explicit terms, as in "paid services".

2. Content of the service and access
2.1 9caos.com is a totally free website that offers (optionally) the opportunity to earn money through their own or others advertising promoting video.
2.2 For users with no account Google Adsense remember that you need to reach the threshold of 60 € to be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.
2.3 By joining 9caos.com you agree to exempt from liability (civil and criminal) property for suspension, ban or closure of his or other people's Google Adsense account temporarily or permanently.
2.4 After a period of inactivity in the access control panel of 9caos.com 30 days, the account will be suspended / removed.
2.5 The compensation per 1000 views made from your account varies from 0 Dollars to 10 Dollars depending on several parameters: number of views that you are able to make your video, the number of contacts you have, your retirement account and the quality and quantity of the text you write for your video review. The property may change these fees at any time within the above parameters.
2.6 The fee percentage on members with their own url reference, varies from 1% to 20% depending on several parameters: the number of visits that your referees are able to make their video, the number of contacts you have, seniority of your account and to the quality and quantity of the text which is written by your representatives in reviewing their videos. The property may change these fees at any time within the above parameters.
2.7 Views (ie fees) generated by the user registered with the site and the video uploaded and / or shared are shared with the property to a percentage ranging from 1% to 50% depending on various parameters: number of visits you are able to make your video, the number of contacts you have, your retirement account and the quality and quantity of the text you write for your video review. The property may change these fees at any time within the above parameters.

3. Payments and Google Adsense Account
3.1 The payment is made via Paypal or bank transfer in the days between the 24th and the 30th of the month following the achievement of the balance of 60 Dollars.
3.2 For the collection of the payment is required to accept the voucher INPS or withholding (if you live outside of Italy is the only mandatory withholding tax), you also need to enter a valid PayPal address to the execution of payment and data required for the compilation of withholding down payment or voucher.
3.3 Upon payment via PayPal you may be required 5% commission to be applied on the amount accumulated.
3.4 When payment can be required to pay 30% commission regularly taxation via payment F24 / INPS as from state laws on Italian withholding tax.
3.5 Users who have accumulated a balance of more than 4,800 Dollars per year will have to adopt VAT for collecting payments and issue an invoice.
3.6 You acknowledge that the balance shown can be subject to changes until the close of the current month at the discretion of advertisers and their remuneration.

4. User Obligations
4.1 You agree to comply with applicable law and the rules of Google Adsense (https://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms). It is among other things prohibited the publication of content (written and video) inciting violence, harmful to minors, racist, sexy or pornographic and / or insertion of links that lead to sites related to such content. Each user must take into account, as regards behavior and assumed content published by him, that the platform 9caos.com is accessible to users of all ages. I do not allow content that the property holds offensive or limit the law so the contents will be held for moderation.
4.2 The user is obliged to keep its data up to date. This applies to your personal data (contact) for the data on your Google Adsense account (necessary for payment).
4.3 The user must make sure that the content and the materials he used are not bound by the rights of third parties and do not infringe the rights of third parties and may not copy descriptions on other websites. You 9caos.com exempt from claims raised by third parties in respect of the same in relation to the contents and the material published by him or following his behavior towards 9caos.com, including adequate compensation for the costs of a possible legal defense.
4.4 User activities, which aim to make unusable the website 9caos.com or make it more difficult access to the service, are prohibited and may be prosecuted under civil and criminal law. In particular, it is prohibited measures that might affect the physical or logical structure of the services. Are strictly forbidden even automatic procedures for data mining, and the use of mechanisms, software and script, mechanisms of automatic publication or automatic update (also systems Autopost) that alter password, impressions, visits and clicks on ads and video.
4.5 Services of the platform 9caos.com can not be used for illegal purposes. Services, software, data and information made available may only be used for the offer placed on the platform 9caos.com and can not be copied. It merely allowed contact with others to arrange a ride. Also, it does not allow the registration of third parties to the platform 9caos.com without their consent and without their knowledge. The data published on the platform 9caos.com may only be used for private purposes.
4.6 You are not allowed to report commercial offers of other operators in the descriptions of the video or in the title. It also may not cover advertisements in the descriptions of the video or in the title.
4.7 It is prohibited the insertion of advertisements of a commercial nature of any kind. For commercial ads are all those ads on commercial companies, associations, non-profit company, and the like.
4.8 It prohibits any description contained vulgarity, profanity, profanity, incitement to drugs, prostitution, use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, or sexually explicit content or inciting racial hatred.
4.9 By entering the site you agree 9caos.com assign the content generated from it the property of the site while remaining responsible in any civil or criminal.
4.10 Any form of disclosure of account, data, earnings data and trends through visits and screenshots, images and the like will be severely punished with a permanent ban of the account.

5. User Content
5.1 The contents and data of different pages on the platform 9caos.com and its associated sites, only come from individual users and are managed by the users themselves, on their own responsibility. Content expressing opinions and judgments reflect only the opinions of their members and not to 9caos.com
5.2 The user has the ability to save various data in his personal profile. You agree that information to their profile are publicly accessible to other users such as username.
5.3 Depositing this information, you grant 9caos.com an unlimited right, irrevocable and transferable use of this information. 9caos.com can use this information in the context of the site, for posting on Web sites as well as for entering into partnership programs. The data may, therefore, be viewed within the layout (graphical) of partner websites. All data are used on Web sites partner and partnership programs only on behalf of and under the strict control of the property.
5.4 9caos.com reserves the right to cancel at any time and without notice profiles, information, comments, videos, descriptions, titles, and everything else can be written by users whose content violates the provisions listed in these terms and conditions of use site.

II. General provisions

1. Responsibility for property
1.1 The property will not be liable in case of willful misconduct or gross negligence.
1.2 In case of closure of Google Adsense account of the property, the property itself can decide not to pay commissions accumulated by users with no account Google Adsense because the proceeds of property derived solely and exclusively from this source, and then we would miss the economic conditions to ensure proper disbursement of the money to all employees. The site is based on the sharing of profits between the users then the property reserves the right not to disburse payments where advertisers (Google Adsense) to suspend or delay a definitive or temporary payments to the property itself.

2. Duration of contract, right of withdrawal, changes to the platform 9caos.com and conditions of use
2.1 The contract for basic services is concluded for an indefinite period. Both you and the property can cancel the regular user contract at any time with a notice period of one day. To cancel the contract you must send an email to info@9caos.com
2.2 The property is entitled to terminate the contract of use with immediate effect, if the user repeatedly publishes titles / descriptions / video content that violates the terms of use or otherwise infringe these conditions of use and also if after one reminder, the expiry of the time limit has not taken steps to remove the content in question or if a subsequent violation. Depending on the case, before performing a termination, the property reserves the right to exclude the user from one or more services offer and possibly decurate part and all of its gain accrued up to that point.
2.3 The details of the user and their profile will be deleted within a period of six months after the termination of the contract. In the event of termination or limitation of the use agreement, there is however no right on the part of the operator against the property on deleting content or materials he generated as the textual content are owned by 9caos.com.
2.4 The property reserves the right to modify at any time the content and structure of the platform 9caos.com. This includes the ability to make payment some offers and services or suspend them.
2.5 The property reserves the right to make at any time changes or additions to these conditions of use. The amended terms will be communicated to users in writing (e-mail address registered).

III. Final provisions

These conditions are subject to international law. Updated 14/07/2015
For information and contacts write to info@9caos.com