The Aggressive Beagle!

Interesting movie from the tv series "Dog Whisperer", in which the conductor Cesar Millan tries to correct the excessive arrogance and stubbornness of a Beagle, who to get everything he wants and ripping everything bites, sowing destruction in the House. In the first part of the video we see the beagle grasping firmly between the teeth a newspaper from the table and then shaking your head violently reduces it to shreds. At this point intervenes Cesar Millan with a quick hand move tightens the collar of the dog and let go of him. The attitude and sometimes biting dog aggressive affects all objects in the House and sometimes even on the same hosts. Immediately after Cesar explains, the owners of the dog, and strategies to be adopted to make it clear to the dog who is boss. Dogs must be rewarded with caresses and food only when it respects the orders. Cesar's methods, which can also appear violent, as we provide a direct physical contact with the animal. However they are often needed when a dog, as in this case, we consider the master and Commander. The Beagle is normally a calm natured dog, but it is also very lively, perfect as a playmate for children. However, being a dog originally selected for hunting is very stubborn and overbearing. The clip ends with the masters of the four legs, seeking to implement the recommendations as soon as received and try to put them into practice.
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