The Collie Walk

The Border Collie is a working dog and it therefore love the great outdoors. It is one of the few dogs that do not like to live in small apartments in which it can move a little.

You have to teach them just how it should behave in the house, so that it understands that it does not have the right to enter all the rooms and bite everything that is in it.

It is like having a baby in the house, which you have to teach everything and with which you have to have a lot of patience so that it learns to obey. The lawns and The gardens are its favourite habitat, so if you decide to keep at home a border collie, know that you must forget the slippers because your four-legged friend always wants to go out and play. But now Let's talk about the video, whose protagonist is just the Border Collie.

It's a really incredible video! You will not be able to believe your eyes. Two Border Collie chase each other in slow motion, as if they were about to carry out an ambush, but if you continue to watch the video, you will realize that it has an ending that no one expects. At the end you can't realize Who is attacking and Who is rhe victim of The attack, but surely the end will make you smile.

Lying on the grass, two other Border Collie watch The dogs that are playing when, suddenly, a strange thing happens. What? I will not reveal it to you because I don't want to take away the taste of surprise, I will advance only that it's something that will amaze you.
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