The death of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon, just coincidences?

Father and son, two movie stars and their mysterious death that shocked the entire nation. Two destinies bound together by a mysterious thread. Here is a video that puts strong discussion, emphasizing possible backstory, the death of the two actors beloved by the public.

Bruce Lee was born on Nov. 27, 1940 in San Francisco by a wealthy family. After his birth, his family returned to Hong Kong. He soon became interested in the martial art, becoming an icon of the most influential martial artists of all time. Thanks to his talent was a huge success in the movie business. With his films, the martial arts for the first time aroused the interest of the Western world. Bruce undertook a daily basis in the improvement of his body, both physically and mentally.

In 1973, on May 10, only 32 years old Bruce Lee died suddenly for reasons still debated. The most astonishing fact is that Brandon, son of Bruce Lee, also died under circumstances somewhat disconcerting. Brandon died at the age of 28, March 31, 1993, during the filming of "The Crow". The young actor was wounded "mistakenly" by a gunshot. Two sudden deaths in mysterious circumstances: it was really fate that want them dead or is there something else behind? In this video we will analyze all the background of the case.
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