The Ultimate funny Beagle compilation!

Funny and original short movie in which we have a collection with some of the funniest video ever, all having as protagonist the cute and lively Beagle.

Among the funniest movie quote, the first in which we see a Beagle with a quick move slips her bra to a woman lying in the Sun, and runs away with his new trophy; and the last in which we see a Beagle and a raccoon playing together and he fearlessly puts his hands and head into the dog's mouth.

The Beagle is a breed of hunting dogs of medium size of English origin, were mostly used for hunting animals such as rabbits, pheasants, foxes and hares, today are quite popular as companion dogs.
Beagles are also tireless working dogs.

Characteristically, this is very cheerful, curious, intelligent fours, never aggressive and affectionate with everyone. Despite being a very sweet dog, you may encounter many problems in educating as the beagle can be extremely lively and sometimes very stubborn.

They stick very much to master, following it continually in all its activities. This strong connection leads them easily to suffer from depression if left alone for long periods.

The Beagle is very sociable with other dogs and with people and is the ideal dog for families with young children, since it always available in the game and never aggressive
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