The ultimate funny Dachshund compilation!

Interesting and innovative short film in which we see some of the most hilarious and recent movie, all with the sweet Dachshund.
This four legs is a breed of dog of German origin, characterized by the height less than the length of the body. Its funny shape makes it very popular with children. This is a hunting dog and companion dog.

The video opens with a small Dachshund that, as a child, enjoys to be pushed with the swing skillfully assembled in the hallway of the House. Immediately after we see a cute four legs, racing with some difficulty on a treadmill. In the next movie we see a long-haired Brown Dachshund, clinging tightly with his mouth to a stuffed toy, which you drag along all the rooms in the House with a rope pulled by the master connected to the object.

In the end of these movie we see a puppy who sticks his head in a long black rubber tube and begins to run around confused. In the latter we have a Dachshund chasing a herd of cows as the best Sheepdogs.

Appear clear from the first scene the exuberance and hyperactivity that characterize this beautiful breed of dog. However, despite its small size the Dachshund dog is a very strong and proud.

This dog is perfect for apartment living. Being a very active dog, needs a constant physical activity to stay healthy.
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