The ultimate funny French Bulldog Compilation!

Funny and tender short movie, in which we have a collection with some of the finest movies ever, all having as protagonist the sweet French Bulldog.

The video opens with a cute puppy barking very excitedly, trying to imitate the voice of his master. Soon after we have two really hilarious skits, in the first a Bulldog sleeping like a rock on the legs of her mistress, although the women try to annoy him with stroking and tickling; in the second a Bulldog bends on the front legs and rubs on the floor.

Going forward with the clip, we have some beautiful movies, one of them (a small four legs) evidence to challenge the camera with which it is taken, in another a Bulldog sleeps almost on the face of his unfortunate master and almost annoying if it is moved, taking very funny facial expressions. The video ends with two Bulldogs who appear like hypnotized, to see the food.

Appear clear from the first scene of this movie the extreme sweetness and kindness that characterize this beautiful breed of dog. The French bulldog is now among the
most popular medium sized dogs. This is because having regard to its peaceful nature natural fits very well to live well in a small apartment, where she can sleep fourteen hours a day. However to stay healthy requires a constant physical activity.
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