UNMISSABLE!! Karma, the mother finds her son and he faints for the joy

Our Society often makes us forget what pass Being consequences of our actions, small or large. Often we go When a tariff Spending ignore what we are really buying, and a moment picking up that object and place it in the cart and Go Pay As if it were the most normal thing in the world. But a Times THESE products have a very high price, come for example milk; Have you ever wondered where it came from? Why and so essential drinking? Why should a mom produce constantly milk without pregnancy solo rate for happy westerners wanting to soak the milk biscuit in the morning or maybe because they do not know the thousands of alternative plant Very good More and Even More healthy. In all this the cow and the son of The Who will be torn Will Only numbers Destined to end the slaughter. But a happy times there is a well, come history of Karma, A cow flow rescued by the The Gentle Barn, an association that yes profession of save animals exploitation of the slaughterhouse. Video and absolutely heart-warming with the background song of Mariah Carey "I still believe" column is from a sound ad Moment absolutely perfect, while mother and son find themselves again in this oasis of pace.L'emozione and joy How much are obvious maternal instinct which E has this mother to your son runs just not that near virtually "faints" (or lies?) .. If you are people sensitive this movie will make you cry Very emotion.
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