Videos against abandonment of dogs

Some people buy dogs very superficially, as if they were toys which to unravel at the first opportunity.
Usually they buy them when they are still puppies, see them as cute, funny and dress them with those coats so fashionable to show them to friends.
But when they grow up and begin to bark they seem obviously less fun to say nothing of when it becomes necessary to take them every day for a walk.
A dog is not an object and must be cared for, cherished and take it out should not be a requirement for his master but a pleasure.
A dog becomes attached easily to master and you'll immediately notice if its owner did not pay the necessary attention.
It's inhumane to abandon a dog because it becomes inconvenient deal, because you do not have time for him.
There are dogs that die from being abandoned and this should not happen again.
Author hanam
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